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Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Watch Wiz Khalifa's Set at Hungarian Festival

The few, who jumped to the nation while Kunas shoots a movie, stepped out for a casual date night in the Sziget Festival at Budapest on Thursday where they saw Wiz Khalifa perform.

Kunis and Kutcher had the best chairs to enjoy the series. Both were seen on scaffolding over the point, along with Jennifer Anniston/s hubby, Justin Theroux.

Kutcher also seized a few of his very own snapshots in the "Watch You" rapper's set, that he submitted to Instagram.

"In that cloud is Wiz," he wrote alongside a pic of this point, while another article attribute a closeup shot of this audio superstar captioned, "The greater chair."

Kutcher, 39, shared with the humorous story of the way Kunis, 33, picked the title to get their 8-month-old son Dimitri.

"I am telling you, she called it, that is not even a joke," he insisted. "Probably out a month, or two weeks out." "That which Mila said is correct," additional Kutcher who also has a 2-year-old daughter, Wyatt, together with Kunis. "She is my wife, that is exactly what it is." See more at mila kunis height

Post by hollywoodbupdates (2017-09-06 09:35)

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